Top Types of Customized Motorcycle that You Should Check Out

Customizing a motorcycle is now widely being recognized, where more and more motorcyclists are starting to upgrade their own motorcycle with new design and features. If you are planning to buy a well-designed and well-customized motorcycle for the first time, here are the top types of custom motorcycle that you can choose at a reliable and honest website – The Custom Motorcycle.

1. The Bobber

Derived from the bob-job, the bobber is quite popular up to these days. Since the 1930s, it is the widely created and recreated custom motorcycle by most enthusiasts. Typically, these are motorcycles that have shortened fenders – either the creators will shorten the existing fender or purchasing new fender that is bobber styled.

Primarily, the focus of this type of motorcycle customization is to strip down the current weight of the motorcycle to enhance the power-weight ratio. Other than the fenders, the bobber-styled customization includes recreating the seat, the gas tank, the handlebars, and the exhaust pipe.

2. The Café Racer

Another popular custom-made motorcycle is the Café Racer since the 1960s; these are a powerful motorcycle that were originally small but were stripped down a few of its weight, just similar to the bobber to improve the power-weight ratio.

These types of custom motorcycles are designed with narrow and low-mounted handlebars and an elongated fuel tank – this is to minimize the resistance to wind and maximize the speed.

3. The Chopper

If you want the most extreme customized motorcycle, you need to see these 1950’s popular motorcycle customizations – the Chopper. Originated in the US and one of the most popular of its kind, the chopper is rather larger than the first two mentioned custom motorcycle.

These types of models are usually critically customized or reinvented because some of these, to express artistry, the motorcycle’s functionality and ease in handling are often compromised, but in a good way. The choppers have a larger stock front wheel, lengthened frames, and an improved rake angle. Also, it is designed with “sissy bar”, which is primarily to connect the frame of the rear fender. You should check out more of these to get additional details on it.

4. The Scrambler

Another trending custom-made motorcycle is the scrambler; these are designed vintage with knobby tires that are ideal for off-road motorcycling and some upgraded high pipes. One thing that makes this custom motorcycle so popular is its success when it comes to motorcycle riding competitions – all because of its new upgrades and new features.

5. The Streetfighter

These custom motorcycles are the evolution of the café racers; however, it does not have unnecessary rear foot pegs, or a mirror, and other extra details. The Streetfighter custom motorcycle has straight handlebars, short and loud exhaust, and other distinctive features that give the customized motorcycle an aggressive look.

There are a few more types of custom motorcycle that you can choose from. However, if you are confused which customized motorcycle you should choose, you can ask some recommendations from your motorcycle savvy friend and check some cool custom motorcycle sold at The Custom Motorcycle’s website.

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