Top Things You Need to Know About RFID Skimming and RFID Blocking Wallet

RFID or Radio-Frequency blocking wallet is now getting recognition in the market today; this is because more and more individuals are now aware of the RFID skimming device.

What is RFID skimming?

RFID technology was invented back in the 1940s to differentiate the enemies’ and friendly aircraft during World War II. Throughout the years, RFID technology had evolved and was used in several different systems. Unfortunately, RFID is now being used by criminals to detect and read credit cards, ATM cards, and more.

RFID skimming is a system that uses strong RFID reader and a powerful directional antenna that helps detect, read, and transmit data streams even up to 7 feet; this is how RFID skimmers do – using RFID device, the criminals hacks someone’s information at RFID enabled cards such as credit cards, ATMs, Social Security, and even your passport.

How RFID-enabled cards are at risk of getting hacked?

As mentioned, credit cards, ATM cards, Social Security, and other essential cards are designed with a tag stored in the microchip; these chips are RFIDs. RFID readers can easily activate the RFID chips, allowing the skimming device to extract sensitive information such as the victim’s credit card or ATM’s account number, name of the cardholder, bank account, social security, and more.

Here is how skimmers are able to extract sensitive information:

  • Credit cards, ATM cards, and other essential cards are often kept inside the wallet; unfortunately, these wallets are not designed to block the RFID waves that can extract information from RFID-ready cards available inside the wallet. So, it is easy for the skimmers to hack the victim’s information.
  • RFID readers and other RFID devices are available for anyone to buy, especially the criminals.
  • Criminals just need to be near their victim at up to 7 feet for their RFID skimming device to detect and read the information embedded in the card.

Are there ways to prevent becoming an RFID skimming victim?

Fortunately, there are ways to block RFID waves from extracting your information; one of these effective ways is using a reliable RFID blocking wallet, sleeves, passport covers, and more. You can read more about this at this top notch RFID wallet advice & tips.

How does RFID blocking wallet work?

Technically, RFID readers need quality signal and must be near the radio frequency field emitted by the RFID-enabled cards to extract information embedded in the RFID chip. The RFID blocking wallet is designed to block the radio frequency or signal that is emitted by the RFID.

The RFID blocking wallet is using an electromagnetic enclosure system, which is called the Faraday cage. The technology lets the RFID-ready cards become electromagnetically thick via distributing the electrostatic charges around the wallet’s exterior, disabling any electric charges emitted by the RFID device to enter the wallet in any way.

So, is RFID blocking wallet worthy of your money?

RFID blocking wallet’s technology is worthy of your money. So, if you want to keep your money, information, and other sensitive information from being hacked, you should purchase RFID blocking wallet.

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