Tips & Tricks for Hand Polishing of Car at Home

Polishing our car at a home garage using simple tools & polishing chemicals is likely to be the most effective way in maintaining the appearance of the car. Also, if done correctly, it can increase the paintwork depth, clarity and looks will be enhanced by knocking down some years from the age of the car.

To give our car that mirror-like showroom finish, using a good coat of the right car polish is of prime importance. For best car polish reviews & advice please check this website.

Now first we need to understand the benefits of polishing our car:

  1. Cars always have small defects in their paint job due to uneven coating, or dash marks due to minor accidents. So polish’s abrasive properties even up the defective paint job and make the surface look smooth & even.
  2. Sometimes, cars have spots in the paint job; a thorough polishing will make them harder to see.
  3. Polishing can be used to remove small, shallow scratches. The polish can fill in these scratches if they’re small, making the paint job look much better.
  4. Buffing, filling, and smoothing properties of car polish can help even the paint job on your car look smooth & glossy. The polishing process also makes the car look new.
  5. Car Polishes also maintain and extend the life of the paint by removing dirt that’s too tough for normal washing. It also removes oxidized paint from the surface and helps the paintwork by making it more resistant to cracking, drying, and peeling off.
  6. If we polish and wax our car regularly, we can cut down on the number of car washes because less dirt adheres to the vehicle due to polished surfaces. Also, most dirt or debris should be removable with a quick wipe down.
  7. The most important point of polishing & maintaining the appearance of our car is to improve the resale value. A well-maintained car with a glossy paint job can fetch a better price.

Tools required at our home garage for car polishing:

  • Car Polish
  • Sponge for application of Polish
  • Microfiber cleaning towels

Steps for Car Polishing by Hand:

  • Wash the car first with water jet hose & car shampoo,
  • Dry the car with Microfiber towel,
  • Take the car polishing sponge & apply the polish. Avoid applying with a hand or finger.
  • Start polishing in a circular motion from the roof then working downwards.
  • While polishing the surface, apply a small pressure.
  • Leave the polish to dry over the surface at least for 10 minutes.
  • Now take the microfiber cleaning towel to remove the polish & ensure to perfect the surface finish at all corners.
  • Repeat the above steps until every inch of your car has been polished.
  • Finish off with waxing & sealant for a complete glossy detailing.

Now our car polish is finish, please ensure at least polishing twice in a year following the above points can give a glossy mirror-like showroom finish everlasting on the car.

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