Tips for Using a Food Dehydrator

After buying your food dehydrator, reading the user manual is very important, in fact, it is as important as selecting the best dehydrator. There are many benefits with the information given on the user manual. However, some tips are not in the user manual, they are left for one to think and use their general knowledge. Some of the things that will make you get the best of your food dehydrator include the following:

To ensure that your food takes the shortest time possible, you need to ensure that a lot of its surface is exposed to the heat and the airflow of the food dehydrator. The more the food is exposed, the less time it will take to dry up and the less amount of energy used in the process. The thinner the food the faster the dehydration process will take.

Putting food on one side of the tray will reduce the surface that is exposed to the heat and the airflow and this will make the food to take a longer time to get completely dried up. More time means more energy consumption in the process. To avoid this, you should ensure that you spread all the slices evenly on the trays when you want to dry them up.

Always check the functioning of the machine especially if your food dehydrator does not have a thermostat that will control the airflow and the temperature. Adjust them when it is necessary so that nothing goes above the required limit. Too much and too low are both bad conditions, it should always be the recommended amount.

After the food has dried and you are satisfied that all the moisture and liquids are gone, ensure that you remove them from the dehydrator and let them cool down fast in the room temperature before you seal them in airtight containers. Cooling at room temperature ensures that no moisture seeps in to the dried pieces. Seal the containers keeps the moisture away too.

Cleanliness is very vital so always ensure that you clean the food dehydrator after every use so that food does not collect in the base of the food dehydrator.

Use different recipes ensuring that the food dries up completely at all times, cool them down then store in airtight containers. Always keep in mind that being dry is not the same as drying. When you use a lot of temperature that is above the recommended amount, then you will end up making your food hard on the surface yet its interior will still be wet. Such will cause your food to spoil within a short time.

Dehydrating foods that have strong scents and different tastes will lead to mixed flavors and scents and this will taste and smell funny meaning that you will not enjoy eating them. If you are dehydrating vegetables then dehydrate them alone, if it is meat, then put in the food dehydrator meat alone.

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