Review of Boomtouch Wireless Speakers

Entertainment has many forms. Listening to music, watching movies, playing games and listening to FM radio etc. all unites under the head of entertainment. When we consider one of the best way to entertain yourself in very less time, the best way to do so is by listening to music. One of the best ways to enjoy music is by using quality seekers that can provide fast connectivity, easy to use and most importantly have great sound.

Nowadays you will find a number of speakers that you can use for this purpose. You can find details here

Features of Boomtouch Wireless Speakers:

Let us review some of the jaw dropping features of Boomthouch speakers that you will find most useful

a) Near Field Audio Technology

The BoomTouch Wireless Boombox Speaker are equipped with NFA technology that provides excellent connectivity by just touching body of your device with outline of speaker. The fast connectivity through this enhanced technology allows fast connection and music playback without any lag.

b) Wide Compatibility

You can connect almost all type of devices and all of operating systems such as Android, IOS, windows etc. to this device and enjoy your music on the go. This has universal connectivity by auxiliary jack also.

c) Wireless Operation

NFA technology makes these speakers very easy to be used by this wireless technology. These days most of speakers use Bluetooth connections that drain battery very fast. NFA technology is answer to this problem.

d) Audio in Port

If your device does not contain NFA technology. You do not need to worry, since this speaker comes with audio jack that you can use to connect auxiliary cable to it. Hence you have more than one options to make strong connections and listen to your favorite music on the go whenever you want to.

e) Battery-Operated

You do not have to worry about power source all the time since these speakers comes with rechargeable battery that is very handy to use and is able to give music output of 20 hours at low volume.

f) Mini-USB Connection

The BoomTouch Wireless Boombox Speaker can also be operated by USB power source since it contains USB in port that comes very handy at times. This connectivity also enhances connection strength and provides charging power to the battery and increase music playback timings


The BoomTouch Wireless Boombox Speaker offers a universal speaker system that you can use to play music and listen to whatever you want with ease of connectivity and long battery life that is second to none. This device is equally popular among old and young generation due to its portability and rich sound that it provides to its listeners. NFA technology makes it very few of its kind speakers that give you best of both worlds

Hence if you are looking to invest in speakers that are very entertaining with their rich sound and also are very cost effective, Boomtouch speakers can be the best best. Since these speakers provide best value for your money.

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