Penis Enlargement Explained: The Myths and Facts That You Need to Know

Most men often think that the size of the penis is bound with confidence, attractiveness, masculinity, and the ability to perform pleasurable lovemaking; as a result, both technology and medicine had been producing more potent and efficient products that can enhance men’s sexuality. But, are these products truly effective? When it comes to the effectiveness of the products you have to understand that for every one hundred penis enhancement merchandises sold each day, some of them are used inappropriately, while the others are all but faulty products, and only a few are working efficiently. To feel confident about the product you are buying, here are the myths and facts about penis enlargement that you need to know.

1. Medication or male enhancement product can improve your manhood permanently.

According to medical studies, there is a lesser chance that the male genital can be enhanced permanently both in appearance and in function using male enhancing products. However, if a man, who has been suffering from anxiety caused by “Small-Penis Syndrome”, undergoes penile surgery or “Phalloplasty”, he will have the desired penile size permanently.

2. The bigger the penis, the better.

Although bigger manhood connotes masculinity, it does not necessarily mean that all women can be sexually satisfied with it. According to a study done at UCLA, a larger erected manhood is the least important factor that can make a woman sexually satisfied. Although the thought can be very satisfying, most women prefer proportional built in height and masculinity. Also, they are more satisfied with their man’s personality and sexual performance than the size of the penis.

3. All male enhancing products can work like efficiently.

Anyone can buy whatever male enhancing product they desire, however choosing a product randomly does not mean you will have the same result as what the product ads had promised. With over thousands of male enhancing products produced each month, not all of them are clinically and thoroughly studied and proven effective. Also, not all of these products are considered safe to use. However, you may find effective and safe male enhancing product at this website .

4. All vacuum pumps are safe to use.

When it comes to enlarging the penis, vacuum pumps have been doing their great jobs; however, that does not apply all the time. Using vacuum pumps should be done with the right handling technique, because any faulty use may cause unfortunate permanent damage.

5. It is not the length that matters, but the girth.

In a study done at Groningen University Hospital in Netherlands, 42 percent of sexually active women respondents have claimed that the size of girth is more important when it comes to drawing in sexual satisfaction compared to the 21 percent of women who have agreed that the length is more important than anything else. Male enhancing products are almost everywhere in the market, but not all of them can make your manhood permanently in good shape. So, be very vigilant when choosing one because some of them can make your manhood permanently in bad condition – and that is the fact.

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