There’s always that odd one out in a group of friends; the one who has always been single, the one who is as innocent and pure as the Virgin Mary, and the one who cannot relate when the group talks about the ins and outs of dating and all that relationship things. It is that one friend in the group who just minds her own business and doesn’t care if he’ll ever find love in this lifetime or not. That one friend who is the group’s conscience and the one everybody calls “man hater”. Most especially, that one friend who thought she was okay being single for a long time but then finally met her match along the way, and then suddenly everything crashes because she has no idea what’s happening and what will happen later on.

Now a days, they say that dating has been complex and complicated compared to how it used to before; when you just had to be brave enough to ask the girl or boy of your dreams out. Today, you don’t only need to have courage but also unique styles and techniques on how to keep the conversation going into something more than just comfort and that would further lead to intimacy later on.

Lately, a of lot code names, juxtapositions, and metaphors has been used by the younger generation to relate and describe one’s dating and sexual life. Some people believe that the reason behind it is that so it wouldn’t be too revealing and less people would understand what they are talking about, thus, less people would be able to judge them.

A common example would be the use of baseball terminology to tell someone where or what sexual intimacy activities are currently going on whether it is still in the dating stage or an actual relationship already. These baseball terminologies use the four different bases; first base, second base, third base, and fourth base. Each base refers to sex and other sexual intimacy activities.

Moreover, if you are that one odd friend in the group who is truly clueless, then take a deep breath and don’t fret! If you want to teach yourself more detailed information about the metaphors commonly used, you can check out https://dateandsimple.com/what-are-the-bases-in-dating-a-beginners-guide-to-dating/. It is a very timely online article that will explain to you the casual things you must know. It will also surely help you get through the metaphors and terminologies about dating and relationships that you are still clueless about.

It is even suggested that before you finish reading the article, you have to have your own notes about what you want in your relationship or dating life. Friendly reminder: it is advised that safety and protection is always a must! At the end of the article, there are quite relatable and appropriate points you can use to ponder and reflect on afterwards that you can surely apply on your current sexual or dating life and also for your future reference as well.

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