Msa Sordin Supreme Pro X Review 2019


MSA is a very popular company in the world of hearing protection. For more than a century, they have stood the test of time in delivering the highest quality, dependable, and safest products in the market. Their customers acknowledge that MSA considers their safety top in priority, you would like to try their products. They have been leading in workplace safety but they have now manufactured the top model of protective hearing, the Sordin Supreme Pro X. For most people, the fact that a product comes from MSA is good enough, but in this review, we’ll examine the Sordin Supreme Pro X.

Before I proceed, I admit that your choice for this product could be a lifetime decision when it comes to the safety of your ear while at work. It offers all the protection you can ever require, but if you want to verify, check with Doctear.

MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X details

Coming from the “safety company”, safety is comprehensively covered. You would like to consider other features like NRR, amplification, sound canceling, quality, and additional features.

It does not completely cut off the noise but reduces it to 82dB. With its NRR of 18dB, you can only expect maximum amplification and it allows you to beware of the surrounding to keep you alert and ready for anything. All its movable parts are made of quality steel. All microphones, AUX inlet, electrical hub, circuit board, and battery compartment are all waterproof. They are very simple to use since they have a 3 button keypad. Its battery can last up to 300 hours and they have an AUX input that can be connected to a radio, mp3 or similar devices. Finally, it’s very comfortable, flexible, and stable on the head.


  • It comes with 5-year warranty on water damage
  • Has two microphones which provide an optimal stereo-effect for identification of directional sound
  • Has an auto power shut off after hours of inactivity to save power
  • It fits military specifications and has a glass fiber polymer headband with leather lining for comfortability and durability
  • Being slim and lightweight, it can easily be transported and allows users to comfortably hold a weapon
  • It suppresses noise but still allows you to everything happening around you


  • Its volume control does not have many steps from the quietest to the loudest but one can learn to control it over time.


At Doctear, you will find top earmuffs which can be reused, for concerts, swimming, sleeping, snoring, for musicians, with high NRR, electronic, and many more. Also, they give the best earmuffs for shooting, lawn mowing, children, and hearing protection. If you are interested in hearing aids for tinnitus, hearing amplifiers, and dryers, Doctear is your answer. Finally, reviews and comparison of various earmuffs are also found here for your selection.

I know there are many companies that manufacture ear protectors, but according to Doctear and my experience, MSA is comparable to none. Their product, MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X, will obviously thrill you and meet all your needs.

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