Important Features for a Key Finder for the Elderly

There are specific things you need to consider before you get a key finder. These things should help to boost you get the keys quickly without any difficulties. Senior people tend to lose memory as they grow old so for them they would need a key finder that would definitely help them a lot. Considering features mounted on your key is a very important decision for you.

What are the things you need to consider?

Bluetooth key finders

They mostly accompany your smartphone and the Bluetooth technology so that they can operate. The advantage with this is the reciprocal connection between the key finder and smartphone. Both of them can be used to find the other like the keys can find the phone and still the phone can find the keys.

The negative part is that if one of it is unavailable, you cannot use it to get the other. In case your battery phone is dead, it is difficult to get your keys. They work closely together to find the other if connected to your phone using the Bluetooth.

Radio frequency key finder

It uses simple and old technology to get the task done. Key finders come with associated transmitter that has one or two buttons. After pressing the button, it emits a signal that makes the key finder to work. The good thing with this is that it does not depend on apps, internet connectivity or smartphone for it to work. It is easy and straight forward to use the radio key finders.

Audible key finder

It has units that each works both as receiver and transmitter to emit loud and unique sound. It does not require Bluetooth and radio frequencies for it to operate. It is a rare to get this feature in the market. It does not have any corresponding app on the smartphone so there is no way you can find your key finder if it is out of range. There is no way you can leverage from other users to find the key holders.

Capabilities of Geo-fencing

This easily informs you if you are moving away from your key finder. It gives an alert sound from your apple watch, tablet or smartphone to know where your keys are located easily. It prevents you from moving away from your keys without realizing. You can get this feature in the VSF and XY3 key finders.

Batteries that are replaceable

You need to consider if you need key finder with replaceable batteries or one that needs to be replaced when the batteries fail to function completely. Some key finders like the tile do not offer replaceable batteries. Replaceable batteries extend your key finder lifespan for a long period.


There are a number of things that can make you get one key finder and leave the other. You will need to check thoroughly these solid options before purchasing a key finder for an elderly person. If you get one that you find has suitable features, then you can easily get it without any doubts of working well.

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