How to Measure the Screen of Laptop Size

If you are finding to purchase the best quality laptop. The first point you must look out first to know. How to you can measure the size of the laptop for the laptop bag. Don’t waste your many for purchasing the wrong size laptop which is not compatibles for your device. The best method which we will recommend to measure the laptop is to measure the laptop diagonally shape Here we have rounded off to measure the laptop size with bag step by step procedure. Here you can easily see how to measure the screen of a laptop.

Essential things to know Began before measuring the Laptop size:

First, you will look out before to start a measuring laptop. You must need for measuring tape or ruler. And the second point is coursing your laptop. For measuring the units, we use an inch and sometimes people like to erasure in centimeters. It is not a big issue which measuring units or a scale you use. You can also use the calculator’s device for measurements to convert it into centimeters.

1) How to Measure the Size of Laptop for Bag :

Measuring by diagonally the laptop size is the best and ideal method. Your main focus is to measure the width height and depth of your device. The bag pack bag contains the vertical section, for messenger and sleeve bag has a horizontal section

2) How to measure diagonally:

To measure the length diagonally length, place the tap of your measuring scale at the corner of the laptop and then stretch the tap across at the end. When you are measuring the screen size of the laptop. We actually need an actual and real size of the dimension. May Haier laptop screen has is 14 inches long but its overall size is very large due to trim around.

3) Measure the Width of Laptop Screen:

Now we will move on measure the width for measuring the width tap your scale at the bottom of the left corner of the laptop and then drag it into a right of the corner.

4) Measuring the Height of the laptop screen:

For getting an accurate measurement of the height of your laptop, you just need to shut down your laptop fully, and then takes a measuring tape and measure the side of your laptop, for measure the height place the ruler at the bottom of the top of the laptop. The height of the laptop is not important. The width of the laptop matters for a laptop.

5) Measuring the Depth of Laptop:

For measuring the depth of the laptop, you must place your scale at the top side of the laptop and then drag it below.


If your plan is to buy a laptop. You can use measurement tips which are best for you. For instance, you are buying a pack back laptop Then you just need to look out the length width and depth which will helpful for your laptop bag.

If you choose the wrong size of a laptop bag, then it can be harmful to your laptop because your laptop may not be able to fit properly inside the bag. You can’t handle your bag easily.

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