Choosing the Right Pedal

As a first timer it is difficult to choose a pedal that suits your music properly. It is annoying when you buy one pedal then you realize it is not the right one for you and you are forced to go back to the shop to purchase another. Getting a great tone from your equipment you need to know the right pedals to use.

The right pedal for your guitar

If you want to increase the sound of your guitar and to sustain it, get the boost pedal to work out for you. The boost pedal will increase the signal to give a louder sound and will be able to maintain it at that. The sustained gain builds up sounds after striking the sound is produced. If you use a lower volt amp or you want to boost the volume and the guitar gain then this pedal is suitable for you.

A pedal for punk sound

The boost pedals are mainly used together with the distortion pedal or with the overdrive for the functionality of the guitar. The distortion pedal together with the overdrive adds up to sustain and a crunch sound to your guitar.

If you want a distorted rock sound, you can get this type of pedal to enhance your music. These types of pedals are used to play punk music and heavy metal containing the power chords. They give you the kind of music you desire to play.

The equalizer

This is used to adjust the tone of your own guitar. You can use an equalizer or the EQ pedal to adjust to the treble and bass of your guitar. Change the frequency of your guitar using the adjusting knobs. The work of your EQ pedal is to allow you to change frequencies that are more than one while playing your guitar.

The compressor

It can control the tone and still sustain your sound. Compressors have the attack, tone and sustain knobs which you can use to control the aspects of your guitar sound. It can give you a more consistent volume and sustain as you even out the sound while you are playing. The compressors can set in a range that makes your guitar not to be too high or lower a frequency.

Using the wah-wah pedal

You can use this to change the frequencies as you play. The pedal fluctuate your guitar frequency to be either up or down as you are playing. Give it a back and front on your pedal so as to achieve the wah-wah sound. Press the pedal down using your toe to raise the treble and your note frequency. Pressing the pedal down using your feet will increase you bass.

Delaying the pedal

It repeats the notes that you played back to hear an echo. Using the delay pedal, it helps you to adjust the delay of time and frequency that produces out different sounds. If you need an effect with a wide range, you can have a single multi-effect pedal that has different effects in variety.


You need to get the right distortion pedal to get the effect of a good sound that you may like. You also need to know how to operate your guitar using the pedal so as to get the best sounds. Visit here: to get informed on effects of sound and the tone of using while using the distortion pedal.

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