Beginner’s Guide: The Top Common Mistakes When Quilting

Quilting is a fun but challenging type of sewing; there are situations that while you enjoyed each quilting process, you realize you are out of border fabric or each of your designs is asymmetrically incompatible.

If you are currently starting to learn how to quilt, here are the top common mistakes that you should learn how to avoid:

Mistake #1: Incorrect measurement of fabric

One of the common beginner’s mistakes when quilting is measuring the fabric incorrectly; where you think that you have had enough fabric for all parts but you suddenly run out of fabric at some point, can be frustrating due to the wasted time, effort, and materials.

So, to avoid this type of mistake, always check your measurements several times before starting. Also, do not forget the allowances and extra fabric, in case you did the same mistake on your first quilting project.

Mistake #2: The borders are just too wavy

Another mistake that often boils down to wrong measurement and incorrect sewing are wavy borders; where one side of your quilt is oddly wavy measuring incorrectly shorter than the other sides. To avoid this kind of mistake, here are some effective ways:

•    Make sure that each folded borders are even.
•    Try placing a light mark on the measured border, where you are about to sew the fabric; this will help you avoid easing too much fabric that causes wavy borders.

Mistake #3: You are running out of fabric

One of the common quilting miscalculations is running out of quilting fabric.  There are proper quilting tools that will help you avoid this kind of mistake when quilting. Also, there are particular tools that are designed to give you accurate calculations on fixed-size pieces that you can cut from a one-yard fabric you have bought.

Also, there are quilting posts and sites that can help you with quilting, especially for beginners; in fact, you may check out this guide now.

Mistake #3: The problem with free-motion

Doing free-motion in quilting is so much fun; this allows you to showcase your artistry when quilting. However, even for a professional, they too are experiencing free-motion follies, where they sometimes get stuck on a block or corner, forgetting their original quilting pattern or design. If this happens, one of the best tricks to correct the mistake is to follow the previous quilted line, until you know where you need to go to.

Mistake #4: When your quilt project is starting to go bad

It is a no-brainer that beginners in quilting are often getting frustrated with their first few quilting projects due to the quilting errors that they do. There is a huge amount of work when quilting, especially when you are starting to learn how to quilt.

If things start to go bad, do not quit, quilting; there are a lot of ways how to overcome these common mistakes. Do not stop, continue where you left off. It is understandable for a beginner to have imperfect quilting result for his or her first few quilting projects.

So, when your quilting project is starting to go bad, you just have to continue, and learn from your mistake. Also, do not forget to read reliable posts and quilting sites that will help you learn how to quilt like a professional.

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