A Detailed Pros and Cons of Aimores Commercial Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

Every kitchen owners, including professional kitchen experts and business owners involving food, are now falling in love with blenders that have larger capacity, versatile, and very durable; these three main blender features will give you the freedom to blend a couple of different food, including the tough ones, at a lengthy blending time, without affecting the blender’s performance.

A commercial blender is one of a few examples of sturdy blenders that can handle tough blending tasks but keeps its performance on the check.

One of the highly recommended commercial blenders today is the Aimores Commercial blender for shakes and smoothies; you may read the full review here, but the following are its quick but detailed pros and cons.

Quick Product Description:

The Aimores commercial blender is a versatile blender that can be used to make shakes, smoothies, and can be used as a food processor. The blender weighs at around 14 pounds (specific to non-heavy-duty Aimores commercial blender) with its dimension at 9.1 x 9 x 20.2 inches.

The blender comes with a 75-oz BPA-free Tritan pitcher and is designed with 6 sharp blades and variable speed control. Also, the blender works at 1100 watts running power with its RPM (Revolution per Minute) stands at 23,000 rpm (lower speed), 28,000 rpm (middle speed), and 32,000 rpm (high speed).


  • Detailed controls and variable speed settings

One thing that you’ll immediately notice about the Aimores commercial blender is its detailed controls and variable speed settings. The blender is equipped with easy to use controls and speed settings; it is designed with On and Off control option with Pulse.

The speed control – LOW, MIDDLE, and HIGH speed – are designed with specific speed (rpm) as mentioned above. Through these options, this will allow you to fully control the consistency or the texture of the food you are blending.

  • Blades are made from 100-percent stainless steel

Aimores commercial blender is equipped with 100-percent sturdy stainless steel, which is also geometrically designed to easily break down ingredients, even the toughest ones.

  • Powerful motor

The blender is equipped with a powerful motor with 1100 watts that can handle tough ingredients without jeopardizing the performance.

  • Well-thought safety features

The blender is designed with well-thought safety features which include the following:

  • A safety switch that keeps the pitcher intact and securely assembled
  • Overload protection and cooling fan
  • Metal gear couple for the motor and blade

100-percent ETL and FDA certified

The Aimores commercial blender for shakes and smoothies is manufactured according to international safety and quality standards. Also, it is 100-percent ETL and FDA certified.


  • Heavy base

The only disadvantage of Aimores commercial blender for shakes and smoothies is its base – it is heavy.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Aimores commercial blender for shakes and smoothies is worthy of its price – high performing, comes with detailed controls and variable speed settings, tough blades, safety features, and more. So, if you are looking for a reliable blender and food processor, in one, you could invest a blender like this.

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