7 Major Uses of Drones and Where to Find Drones


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For a long time, drones have been associated with the military and were being called predators, but nowadays, they have found use in many other areas as you will learn in this article. Before you consult Aero Critic for your best drone, ready this article to the brim, you may need one that can perform at least some of the roles below.

Uses of drones

1. Delivery. Some companies use drones to deliver goods to their clients reducing the delivery time significantly. However, the legality of this method is still in progress, for instance, the Federal Aviation Administration rules state that drones should be flown in particular lines of sight all the time.

2. Video shooting. Initially, photography used to be a very expensive affair because of using helicopters, today, drones have enabled photographers to get aerial shots at a very affordable price.

3. War and law enforcement. Investigators are able to quickly send drones to crime scenes to capture a video of the proceedings. Also, drones have been used to kill people in times of war.

4. Sports. Drone racing has become a popular sport with several people engaged in the sport. There are even drones customized for sports.

5. Surveillance. Government agencies use drones to monitor things, people and places. For example, during protests or large events, drones are used to monitor the proceedings. FAA has formulated regulations for business surveillance.

6. Agriculture. A bird’s eye view of land using a multiplicity of cameras gives farmers the opportunity to track and monitor conditions, this helps in increasing the effectiveness of water and fertilizer usage. Lately, we have fertilizer drones.

7. Hunting hurricanes. There is an ongoing study by NASA and NOAA on how to use drones to track storms as they advance using drones. In addition, Swarm technology has been applied in climate science. In America, drones have aided greatly in providing relieve and data collection services during hurricane disasters.

There are many other uses of drones, but regardless of the use, https://aerocritic.com provides all the information needed to make s good pick of a drone and get the maximum benefit from it.

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