6 Things You May Want to Know About Suunto Zoop Novo

When it comes to innovative dive computers you can consider the Suunto Zoop Novo which becomes famous and still continues the tradition through generations. The brand becomes a fanciful entry level dive computer in the world conveniently twice better compared to its competitors.

The Zoop Novo improve as years go by, many additional specs are added and offer a great introduction to the Suunto family of publicly presenting dive computers. And this is what recreational divers need.

To those that want to upgrade, the brand is a good tool to be familiar with the Suunto line which makes future upgrade naturally easy.

Below, we provide you guidelines why it is most capable and most need especially of recreational divers.

#1: The Best Entry-Level Dive Computer

Aside from its non-stop upgrade, it is as well easy to use; with personalize setting for custom dive planning. Also, it has four (4) dive modes such as free-driving, air, nitrox and gauge mode. It has robust logging capability, no integration, no compass but USB cable is not included.

#2: Key Feature of Suunto Zoop Novo

This new release model has a whopping 140 hours of logbook memory. Compared to the original models, the latter has the ability to add logbook bookmarks. Likewise, the enhanced memory offers you to make maximize your dive logs and dive plans

#3: Has a Durable Design

This model is built to last. It has a big, with backlit display, protected by acrylic and composite materials which make it quite big wearing a watch. However, it has a rugged design yet having a well-spaced button and comforts which is ideal for new divers. That way divers could enjoy and in fact, can last for years of use.

#4: It has Personalize Settings

Using the brand will allow you to adjust how purposefully your altitude settings are. You may adjust it for travel or for overall fitness factors to make your dive safe as you want it to be.

#5: Big Customizable, Clear Alarm

It has a four (4) button interface that saves time compare to single button dive computers as it is less navigating of menus and options. The customizable alarms are big and have a clear display showing all needed information at glance.

#6: Designed for New Divers

The product is suitable for new drivers who want the comfort of all the necessary data without having learned the complicated interface or spending lots of money and time with a guide manual. It is designed to provide novice diving easy, yet simple and safe. Moreover, offer them to maximize their dive times and enjoyment.

However, it is not advisable for advanced or technical divers who want gas switching capability or air integration.  We recommend finding more Suunto advanced products that are suitable for immediate and advance divers. The Suunto Zoop Novo model is ideal for beginners and for an all-around dive computer. It is designed for recreational divers having the features to grow user and able to last longer. For more information, visit scubadiverhq.com

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